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Re Denali Media (GCI) Opposition to Informal Comments on KATH/KTVA TV

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Commenting on and linking to a copy of a formal pleading from Denali Media (GCI) opposing informal comments from Walter Gregg to the FCC re KATH/KTVA TV license transfer. Rev: June 10, 2013.


On May 14, 2013, Denali Media (GCI) filed a formal pleading with the FCC asking that public input by Walter Gregg regarding their acquisition of the licenses of KATH and KTVA TV be DENIED.

It is perfectly OK to disagree on the merits. However, in my opinion, the pleading they filed was disrespectful. There can be no excuse for resorting to name calling in a formal pleading. It is unnecessary and unprofessional, not to mention counterproductive

In this instance, I probably would not have bothered to file my response to the pleading ( had it been respectful. But it is not OK to demean those going to the trouble to submit public comments. A response was required. I am linking to a copy of GCI's pleading so you can judge for yourself.

The objectionable pleading
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Denali Media Anchorage, Corp., & Denali Media Southeast, Corp., subsidiaries of GCI, Inc, Opposition to Informal Objections (May 14, 2013) (opposing public comments of Walter Gregg on acquisition of KATH/KTVA TV broadcast licenses).

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