Internet Anonymity and Privacy Links

By now it is common knowledge that everything you do on the web, including your e-mails, can be and is monitored, recorded, and copied in a thousand places. Information you publish can be wiped off the web at the request of basically anyone who fills out a standard copyright infringement claim form without so much as hearing to determine if the claim is meritless first. Such technological and legal abuses are rampant on the web:

Some people are turning to anonymity as one of the tools to help protect private information and to help reduce the threat of retribution for exercising free speech rights. Even Consumer Reports and the Wall Street Journal have carried articles on how to improve web privacy.

The original intent of this page was to give a few links for browsing and publishing anonymously. But the technology side of things is mind-numbingly tedious. So is determining the reliability and trustworthiness of anonymity providers. So now I only provide a couple of resources:

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