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FCC Amateur Radio License Rule Links

Recently, I wanted to renew some amateur radio licenses. Even though the affected people haven't been hamming for some time, amateur licensees are required to keep a current copy of the rules and particularly to have read, and to comply, with certain FCC publications about radio frequency radiation safety. This includes Section 97.13(c) and OST/OET Bulletin 65. The easiest way to comply is to keep transmitter power below the levels specified in the rules, not more than 50 watts at VHF and 10 meters, increasing to 500 watts at 40 meters and longer wavelengths. Be that as it may, a handy way to keep the rules at hand is via links on the web, so I made this little list of links:

W. Gregg, FCC Amateur Radio License Rule Links (2007) (w-gregg.juneau.ak.us/ 2007/ text/ 2007c19-amateur-radio-rules).